Getting A Clean Criminal Record: Sealing And Expungement

Background checks are everywhere in today's world. Even if you were never convicted of a crime, a criminal record can derail your prospects for jobs, housing, education and other important opportunities.

In Florida, adult criminal records — including arrest records, charges and court actions — are public. The only way to shield those records from public view is to pursue record sealing or expungement. At Henderson & Raybon, PLLC, our attorneys can help you explore your options for getting a clean criminal record.

What's The Difference Between Sealing Versus Expungement?

When you have your records sealed, they will no longer be public information. However, certain government and law enforcement agencies can still access those records.

Criminal record expungement, by contrast, shields the record from both the public and government agencies. This means nobody would have access to those records without a court order.

Are You Eligible?

You must meet certain criteria to apply for record sealing and expungement. Generally, you may qualify if:

  • The charges were dropped
  • You entered a certain plea
  • You obtained a not-guilty verdict

Much depends on the type of criminal charge and the final outcome. Some types of charges cannot be expunged unless you have first sealed the records for 10 years. Others cannot be expunged at all.

Our lawyers can analyze whether you qualify for sealing or expungement. If you do, we can assist you with the process, helping you submit a strong application with the right documentation.

Find Out During A Free Consultation

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