Aggressive DUI Defense

For many people, getting arrested for DUI is their first — and perhaps only — involvement with the criminal justice system. People from all walks of life find themselves behind bars after what seemed like a routine traffic stop. While you can't undo any mistakes you may have made, you have an important opportunity now to protect your rights going forward.

Take the first step by contacting our legal team at Henderson & Raybon, PLLC. We provide aggressive DUI defense representation. Our attorneys have more than three decades of combined experience handling thousands of criminal cases. We know the law, and we know how the system works. Let us apply that knowledge to help you fight the charges.

We have a proven record of success in helping clients challenge criminal charges.

Turn To Us When The Stakes Are High

In Florida, it's illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. However, even if you were under the limit, you could still be charged with DUI if the amount of alcohol in your system impaired your driving abilities. Likewise, you can face criminal charges for driving under the influence of drugs — whether illegal drugs or medications.

A conviction for any level of DUI may result in harsh consequences. On top of license suspension or revocation, you could also face prison time and steep fines. The penalties depend on the level of offense:

  • First-offense DUI: Prison for up to six months and fines of up to $1,000
  • Second offense: Prison for up to nine months, fines of up to $2,000 and ignition interlock device for at least a year
  • Third offense within 10 years (a third-degree felony): Prison for up to five years, fines up to $5,000 and ignition interlock device for at least two years

The potential sentence could be even more severe if your case has certain aggravating factors.

As you can see, these aren't the type of charges you should tackle alone. Our legal team has the skill and ability to fight for you in court and DMV proceedings. We'll work hard to protect your rights, liberties and driving privileges.

Are you a commercial driver facing DUI charges? Your CDL — and your livelihood — are on the line. Turn to us for experienced legal help.

Strict deadlines apply in DUI cases, so don't wait too long to involve a lawyer. Get started today with a free consultation by calling our office in Milton at 850-462-4521.

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